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Thanks to our partnership with Martini Alfredo S.p.a., a primary Italian supplier of floating pontoon and marina's accessories, we are able to design and supply fully customized projects for marina, port and docking systems.

Martini has an all-round vision of port systems since over thirty-five years. Experience in the planning and production of floating docks and of all equipment necessary for safe, efficient port systems. Above all the know how to develop customized solutions for any kind of water, with over 1000 installations throughout Italy and the world for tourist marinas on the sea, rivers and lakes. Technology and flexibility. Safety and comfort. These are the cardinal points on the Martini Marinas compass. Together with an inborn passion for the sea and commitment to safeguarding the environment.
Each and every part is studied to respect the delicate marine eco-system and the beauty of the surroundings. Plus an innate capacity to listen to the client and offer our advice, staying true to our charted route of innovation. And now the evolution carries on and Martini Marinas enlarge their proposal.
A partnership with major constructors had been agreed for the supply of high performance floating breakwaters and a new series of high displacement pontoons with concrete floaters had been launched.

The Martini Marinas Research and Development Centre designs and follows the installation according to clients’ requirements and to the characteristics of the area of water in question. Research looks first at the floating jetties best suited for the project, assessing whether to use standard or customized versions. The individual modules are assembled and manufactured in collaboration with the Technical Office, which provides complete detailed drawings of every potential variant. Monitoring of every single module starts during the assembly stage and on completion, both functionality and appearance are tested again. The result is high-quality floating docks that offer the advantage of a wide range of accessories: gangways, fingers, service pedestals and mooring and anchoring systems. Delivery of the installation, complete with all its modules and necessary equipment, is always punctual. The jetties can be put into the water very quickly and our clients are safe in the knowledge that they are using modules that fit in perfectly with their surroundings.

35 years of experience
1000 marinas delivered all around the world
Customized solutions for any kind of waters
Wide experience on any kind of marinas on sea, rivers and lakes

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