Marine Leisure Consultancy

We can provide full assistance, technical advisory and management support to all those persons or corporate entities interested to invest or develop projects related to the yachting or marine leisure industry.

Invest in this luxury field requires always a considerable financial effort and the output of those investments must bring solutions having high standards of quality, luxury, reliability and efficiency.
Reach that level of standards is not easy, especially in a new market like Vietnam where the yachting and marine leisure fields are totally new and still under definition and development.

At Bella’s Boats we own all the skills, competence and experience to support your investment and make it successful with the best quality and maximizing the ROI (Return On Investment).

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If you’re interested in a new yacht for your personal/family use or for your professional activity, we can provide all the support you need to make the best choice. We will carefully listen and analyze your requirements, your necessities, your preferences and we will guide you step by step on the best solution to maximize the money you’ll spend for this new investment. We can guide you on several solutions from build a complete new yacht totally designed and realized for you, or propose a new yacht from one of our manufacturer partner, all of them renowned luxury international brands.

  • New yacht building advisory:
    If you what you need is a totally new yacht that is only your, fully personalized, designed and build around your necessities we can guide you on the full process of concept definition and design (see our Yacht Design page), find the best shipyard and managing the full project.

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  • Yacht purchase advisory:
    If you prefer purchase a new yacht build by a renowned manufacturers, following high standards of quality, luxury design and safety, we can support you proposing one of our represented partner (see our Products page) or other solutions that best match your requirements.

  • Shipyard selection and evaluation:
    Build a new yacht it’s not a simple work and it’s not for everybody. Build a luxury boat requires competence, skills and specific workmanship not common to find. We can support yacht owners to measure the competence of the selected shipyard and evaluate the actual capacity to build a luxury product, with the right quality and safety standards.

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  • Yacht construction survey and project management:
    We can manage your yacht construction project directly on the shipyard site and verify the project continuously progress with the right quality, time and technically correct.

  • Second hand yacht survey:
    Purchasing a second hand yacht requires a deep check of the boat’s conditions to really verify the investment’s worthiness. Strong of our deep technical knowledge and experience in the yacht industry, we can provide a detailed inspection and survey report for any second hand yacht evaluating the conditions of what visible and, most important, what not visible like engine room, machinery status, piping systems, electric system, safety equipment and much more.


If you are a shipyard used to build commercial crafts and you are planning to diversify your production with yachts or you are already a leisure boat builder but you would like to improve your production, we can give you a good support for a smooth and effective transition. Thanks to the deep knowledge of boat building technological process and the application of the principle of “lean-manufacturing” we are able to guide you in a the complex transition on setting-up a production line at “state-of-art”, fully efficient and strongly oriented to the best quality.

  • Production process set-up:
    We can provide full assistance to implement the right production process whatever is the construction material chosen for the boats. We have deep knowledge and experience either with composite materials than aluminum alloys.

  • Technological transition project management:
    We can fully assist you on the required technological upgrade and transition by making a detailed plan and guiding you step by step on the execution..

  • Advice on material and equipment supply:
    One of the basic secrets to realize a luxury yacht with high quality standards is to use the right materials and equipment for any specific application. We can provide full assistance on selecting the best equipment list for your new yacht building project with the perfect balance between quality, requirements and budget.

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We can provide full technical and project management support to those corporate investors that are planning to introduce marine leisure activities and solutions into their business. We can actively support and guide the full process from analyzing the basic requirements, develop the budget and project implementation plan, manage the implementation according the time and budget.

Some example, but not limited to, are:

  • Marina development projects

  • Leisure and recreational activities analysis and implementation

  • Luxury transportation systems

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