Yacht Design

Build a new yacht is not a simple and common activity. Modern technology, good workmanship, passion and quality are necessary but before that a well done design process is essential!

Experience, knowledge, creativity, good taste, passion, multi-disciplinary technical skills and good management are the ingredients of our yacht design process. Working together the owner and/or the shipyard we are able to provide full assistance in the entire yacht design process.

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Concept Development

For all new yacht design projects, define the exterior lines and styling is the most exciting an interesting part for both, yacht owner and designer. However this is the most critical and complicated part of the project where specific style and design requirements must match technological, physical and regulatory necessities. Find the right balance among those full set of requirements is not easy and require experience and deep knowledge in various field, from naval architecture to construction material technology, passing through the architectural analysis of spaces and e deep knowledge of technical and maritime international regulations!

At Bella’s Boats, strong of our deep knowledge and long experience in boat design and construction, we have all the skills and competence to provide a new boat concept design that is at same time beautiful, luxury, stylish, but also feasible, aligned to the “state of art” of technology, and in compliance with all safety and technical regulations.

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After the concept development of a new yacht design we always provide a full detailed 3D model of the exterior of the yacht. That will bring essentially two very important benefits.

The first is helping the future yacht’s owner to understand and visualize the aesthetic results of the project.

The second is providing to the yacht building shipyard very important data necessary to build the boat with very high standard of quality. Yachts surfaces must be very smooth and at same time have attractive style; the only way to build a good quality boat structure, whatever is the building material (steel, aluminum alloy or composite materials) is by using a 3D computer generated graphic model.

The next stage on designing a yacht after the concept development is prepare the full set of basic design drawings. This is a very critical phase where the yacht concept is deeply analyzed and through the application of naval architecture knowledge and principles the full technical aspects of the yachts are developed like:

  • Weight analysis and stability assessment

  • Structural strength design

  • Analyze the power of engines and calculate the speed

  • Define the machineries and equipment

  • Prepare the diagrams of all piping systems

  • Analyze the electric power requirements and prepare the electric distribution diagram

  • Prepare the layouts for all internal and external spaces

  • Define and put on drawings the safety equipment (life-saving and fire-fighting)

  • Prepare all the “statutory” documentation required by the certifying boards

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As soon as the basic design is approved, the next step is prepare all the construction and workshop drawings and documentation necessary to the shipyard to build the boat and purchase / procure all the necessary materials and equipment.

In order to build a yacht with very high quality standards, the detailed engineering must be accurate and detailed. This phase has a really critical role on supporting the shipyard on realizing the best product.

During this phase, through our engineering partner and using the most sophisticated software, we develop the full 3D model of the boat, that includes all machineries, equipment, piping systems, ventilation and air conditioning ducts. Only in this way we are sure to coordinate together the several systems on board and provide quality and efficiency to the typical yacht complexity.

With a strong Italian luxury style origin but keeping the roots on the Asian culture, we can provide the best design that fit the necessity of each client and application. From analysis and distribution of spaces up to the definition of finishing materials, our architects can propose any type of solution from the classic style up to the more modern and sophisticated taste. All our solutions are prepared using 3D computer graphics and photo-realistic renderings to let our clients verify in advance the final results and select from different proposals.

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Detailed 3D Computer Graphic Modeling


Basic Design


Detailed & Production Engineering


Yacht Interior Design